Right at the bend on 7th Avenue sits a unique little coffee shop. At first glance, your eyes might detect only a gas station (because, back in the day, it was one), but your nose should pick up the wafting smells of rich coffee emanating from Copper Star Coffee.

Copper-Star-Strawberry-Italian-SodaI’m always game for finding new places. When a buddy and I walked up to Copper Star, I could tell this was my kind of coffee shop. Decorated with eclectic trinkets and art, pumping indie rock and hosting a warm, inviting lounge area, this place had it going. I was instantly reminded of my favorite place to go during college. Ah, memories, nostalgia and such.

I was parched, so I needed something refreshing to wet my whistle. Naturally, I ordered an old standby, Strawberry Italian Soda. If you had happened upon me during my college years, all bets were on me holding one of these icy, sparkling beverages. I don’t like to brag, but that might just make me a connoisseur of this type of beverage.

I dive in, and it is just like I remember. I’m pretty sure I teared up from sheer excitement. Each refreshing gulp was creamy and delicious, with just the right amount of fizz. The first couple of sips were reminiscent of eating a carbonated strawberry — or, at least I imagine that’s what it’s like.
So, readers and patrons of Downtown Phoenix, I implore you to check out the Melrose area. Do some shopping; get your dog and car washed; whatever your fancy. Then stop by for a pump of deliciousness at Copper Star and let them send you on your way with your thirst and appetite quenched. I know this old boy will be doing that more often for sure.

Copper Star Coffee is located at 4220 N. 7th Ave. in 7th Ave./Melrose — 602.266.2136.