radiatebannerThis month’s RadiatePhx event is a bit unique. Usually the discussion centers on the great things happening around Central Phoenix. This time, RadiatePhx wants to hear what you don’t like about living in Downtown Phoenix. What can we improve? What needs fixing? How do we create a world-class Downtown that we can all respect? Don’t think of these points as complaints — think of them as constructive criticism. Join moderator Tyler Hurst at the event and let your thoughts be known. Tyler’s guest blog below is just the tip of the iceberg. See you on Tuesday. -Ed.

Downtown Phoenix isn’t about businesses, buildings or parks. It’s about people. Those that live, work and/or play here make this place what it is. It’s not that great. Sure, there’s plenty of potential and lots of usable space, but we really haven’t done much.

Copper Square was a failed experiment. Have you EVER seen that place busy? Elsewhere, it’s impossible to walk anywhere north of I-10. And what are we doing about it? Well, nothing, really. We’re having our little events and hoping that something good will happen. Then we congratulate each other. It’s time to stop flailing blindly and get on the same page. Let’s share our gripes and figure out ways to get better. Here are mine.

  1. Anything fun is spaced too far away. We have small little hives of activity connected with long, dark patches of absolutely nothing.
  2. A lot of the people living here are liberal artists. They don’t make much money, don’t understand how to make money and seem content with First Fridays for selling anything. Yeah, good luck with that.
  3. We have tons of groups, yet no one talks to each other. Go ask marketing people they’ll tell you the same. We all have our own thing on our own day, and they’re all sparsely attended.
  4. Everyone wants a creative class down here, but no one understands what the hell that even is.
  5. Most are against anything corporate or chain, yet they don’t understand that’s where the money comes from.
  6. Everything is shiny happy unicorn rainbows all the time. THE BEST EVENT EVER! First Friday was a blast! The little scavenger hunt we had changed my life (OK, that last one was actually fun)! It’s called perspective. Try it.
  7. No one looks around. Nice TwitterHunt last week, CenPho businesses. Didn’t bother to check that many of the people using social media had their own GeekWeekAZ and were too tired to participate, did you?
  8. Too many businesses think A) Twitter is the answer or B) don’t have a clue what the internet, much less social media, even is. I live downtown and I don’t hear a damn thing about what goes on down here, and I’m constantly searching social media channels. It’s about BALANCE.
  9. Everyone bitches, but no one bitches out loud and in public. Pissed about Modified Arts? SAY SOMETHING. Want to start a music venue? ASK AROUND.
  10. We want our Downtown to be just like someone else’s. It doesn’t work that way. While I love the Gaslamp District, our city leaders seem too concerned with north Phoenix to make that happen. You want to improve your city? DO IT.
  11. Phoenix thinks it has an image problem, when Phoenix IS THE PROBLEM. It’s foot-burning, nose-drying, armpit-sweating hot five months every year here, and we have a Downtown WITHOUT ANY SHADED SIDEWALKS.
  12. You built a park in the middle of the city and didn’t bother to shade it. Instead, we got a floating cervix that only looks good at night.
  13. The Arizona Republic still exists, apparently above questioning. Does anyone even read that rag anymore? Arpaio met with Biden? WHO’S REPORTING WHAT?
  14. Businesses think light rail is the answer. No, being amazing is the answer. Light rail is just a more efficient way of bringing people to you.
  15. Too often, criticism is passed off as complaining. Ever try asking a critic if they’re willing to help? I bet they are!
  16. ASU has been allowed to grow in the middle of Downtown, without any sort of clear plan as to what role it will play in the community. Right now, it offers residents limited WiFi. Woohoo.
  17. There’s always talk about shopping local, yet no one actually does it. Ever seen unmanageable lines at the Phoenix Public Market? Me neither.
  18. That people probably haven’t even read this far.

Agree or disagree, get down to Local Breeze on Tuesday, November 24 from 5:30-7:30 p.m. and get your point across. You don’t count if you don’t show up. Let’s be constructive and make a difference.

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Local Breeze is located at 606 N. 4th Ave. in Roosevelt (602.368.3613) — light rail station at Central/1st avenues and Van Buren Street.