Matt’s Big Breakfast is apparently the breakfast place of choice. All I can say is I haven’t seen this many people crowded around a little house since Pappy died. Dang. You can tell this is a popular place from the get-go. Maybe that is an understatement; I waited for nearly an hour early on a Friday morning. But, this early in the morning, I was only thinking about one thing: food. There was definitely a rumbly in my tumbly.

So, without much hesitation, I settled on the Chop & Chick, a succulent pork-and-egg combo. As I waited for my grub, I realized I was sitting right next to an egg with legs in a recliner. That will mess with your head a little bit. Well, perhaps it will if you are weak with hunger.

Triumphantly, my breakfast entered the room (given the size of the place, I could have probably watched her put it on the plate). Inadvertently, I heard trumpets sound. This breakfast looked glorious. I could barely contain myself. I snapped a few pics to document the occasion, because nothing would remain, and then I dove in. The eggs were fluffy and delicious. The giant pork chop was cooked to perfection. Even if your stomach gets full at this early stage, they plop a large quantity of hashbrowns that are cooked to perfection — buttery middles with browned outsides — and some fantastic buttered toast and jam right beside you. Matt’s is simply not playing around with your hunger. It’s crushing it.

I ate to my heart’s content. All of this was washed down with some of the best orange juice I have ever had.

To say that this was a glorious experience would not be enough. However, to state that I had to roll myself home might be the best act of praise I could give.

Matt’s Big Breakfast is located at 801 N. 1st St. (602.254.1074) — light rail station at Central/Roosevelt.