Local Breeze

When thinking about the awesomeness of our Downtown Phoenix restaurant scene, I felt like there was something missing. Perhaps what Phoenix needs is an epic menu item that could be talked about around campfires and whispered in school halls. So, with a rumbly in my tumbly, I set out to discover something that could rock my palate. My destination was local favorite patio hangout, Local Breeze.

I was told about a savory monster that resided mid-menu here, the Fire Island. This behemoth comes loaded with diced chicken, red onions, green chilies and cream cheese sauce all on top of a housemade pizza crust, slathered with melted Dofino cheese. It is truly a sight to behold. As if it didn’t pile high enough, my hankerin’ stomach pushed to top that thing off with two eggs. Trust me, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

So, once they wheelbarrow that massive beast out to me, the feast begins. It has a spicy kick (hence the “fire”), but is flavorful and scrumptious. The eggs, chicken, cheese, chilies, onion and soft, chewy crust dance around in my belly —  a food party that all are invited to. It was a magical moment. But, my delight is stalled when I realize that I have developed quite a protruding tummy, and I was only about halfway through. Let me remind you folks, I was raised right, where you are supposed to clean your plate and say please, thank you and howdy. This was one of those times that I failed my heritage. I only tell you so that you can take the Fire Island challenge for yourself. Load that beast up with eggs and all the fixins and see how well you fare. This might be close to that epic meal that us Phoenicians can whisper about. You should see for yourself.

Local Breeze is located at 606 N. 4th Ave. (light rail stop at Central/1st Avenue and Van Buren) and serves up Fire Islands Tuesday-Sunday.