If it involves a slow-motion walk into the heart of Downtown, count me in anytime. So, as the boys and I made our best Reservoir Dogs impersonation (the slow-mo walking, not the bloody violence), the anticipation built for a soft, smooth drink to warm my belly. Perched amid the crowds mingling outside the Phoenix Convention Center and the Wyndham, Hanny’s casts a dim, sexy light on my beverage hopes. Initially, this looks like the kind of place where I will only be offered a Cosmopolitan and some fashion advice. I am pleasantly corrected.

We enter to pulsating, catwalk music and I tell the barkeep to “give me one of ’em Pimm’s Cups.” Now, at this point, I fully expect a very inventive glass to present my fairy-named beverage. Disappointment sinks in. The drink that used to be presented in a tin miner’s cup now comes in one of those skinny, no-place-for-your-nose-to-go sissy glasses. As if that is not embarrassing enough, they garnish it with a cucumber. I am a fan of cucumbers, but I am not a rabbit. Nevertheless, the aroma of ginger is strong as I take my first sip. So smooth. That sweet ginger mixed with Pimm’s liqueur, apples, oranges and limes… oh my! I feel like I might be all right with this deliciousness.

Hanny’s is located at 40 N. 1st St and pours Pimm’s Cups until 1:30 a.m. every day.