Maroon & Gold Multiplication

In a couple of distinct ways, I am associated with Arizona State University — namely, I work and take classes at the Downtown Phoenix campus. Consider that full disclosure.

A new academic year starts on August 24, which means that the 10,000 or so students that take classes on the Downtown Phoenix campus will be hanging out around campus more often. Of that number, over 1,000 will be living at Taylor Place, the new residence halls at 1st and Taylor streets.

Only 500 students lived in Taylor Place last year, yet they still had a noticeable impact on our hyper-local economy. Doubling that number is undoubtedly going to grow the impact, but we have more to be excited about than the body count rising.

Tempe is known for its collegiate culture. Mill Avenue is a nationally recognized hot spot. But it didn’t happen overnight.

ASU has been in Tempe since 1885 (although it was “Tempe Normal School” until the middle of last century). In contrast, ASU has been in Downtown Phoenix for less than five years. And this is only the second year that the campus has had a residential population worth writing home about.

Yes, there are more people here. But more and more of these students are here for their second and third years. That means that not only are they bringing their friends, but they are also bringing their experiences back with them. And more often than not, they also have a few dollars from mommy and daddy to spend.

Be patient. Success will come. Be creative. We all have the ability to shape the future of Downtown. Be here. You add value just by living, working or playing in Phoenix.