There is never enough time.

It is because of this packed schedule I will be submitting my resignation, effectively August 7, from the DPJ.

I have enjoyed working with our readers, staff and management in the early stages, conception, transition and management of the current DPJ site. I wish to thank all of our writers, other editors, contributors and publisher for all their time, input and work making the DPJ the best hyperlocal site around.

While I may contribute a blog every now and then, I will no longer be involved in content creation, image selection or in any of the decisions made by the editorial board after today.

If you’d like to read my sometimes daily rantings of a guy who’s been without a home going on three months now, please check out my blog.

I leave you in new Managing Editor Si Robins‘ capable hands. I bet you won’t notice a bit of difference.

So long and thanks for all the fish.

— Tyler Hurst