jacksonstreetThe City Council on Wednesday, unanimously approved the PUD (Planned Unit Development) Application of the Jackson Street Entertainment District developers, paving the way for them to move forward with their project.   Although I was not there personally and I have not been able to find any reports of this event in the media, I’m told by at least 2 reliable sources that it happened. 

The Jackson Street Entertainment District covers an L-shaped group of properties in the city’s warehouse district — on Jackson from First to Fourth Streets and between Third and Fourth Streets from Jackson to Lincoln Streets.  The Plan calls for a walkable District that would include an outdoor market and cafes, restaurants, nightclubs and up to as many as 1000 residential units at completion.  Although the Project could take 5 to 7 years to complete, some businesses could open as early as next year, according to Larry Lazarus, Attorney for the Developer.

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