starswim1Beards, Lucky Strikes, margarita slushies and sleeves of tats abound at the debut of 2009’s Star Swim at the Wyndham Hotel. Nevermind the bands that played (more on that in a minute), this now weekly event is the place for twentysomethings to let loose is half-naked reckless abandonment, and if the crowd from the first weekend is any indication, this thing is catching on fast. The rooftop pool was full of boozin’, cruisin’ for digits and generally (sometimes frighteningly) loud people dancing in some very unconventional fashions. Local bands Hooves, Art for Starters and Wizards of Time helped de-sober the crowd, but by the time headliner Dear and the Headlights (or Drunk and the Headlights, as they proclaimed) took the… er… pool deck, everyone was in a very social state of mind. By the end, half the crowd commandeered microphones to sing along, people from overlooking hotel rooms were cracking open their windows to get a listen and the stuffy lobby bar was emptied in anticipation for a booze-soaked encore. This is a pretty successful debut at the Wyndham for Star Swim, which occupied Saturday evenings at the Hotel San Carlos last summer. The schedule for upcoming weekends is below.

50 E Adams St

5 to 10pm Saturdays, all summer long

Tickets are $6 and available online here. (Also available at door.)

May 30: Kinch, Aushua, Yellow Minute, Cardiac Party

June 6: K e n e s s e t, Mostly Bears, Snake! Snake! Snakes!

June 13: Black Carl, Mr. Gnome, Mondegreen, We Fear the Bees

June 20: What Laura Says, the Necronauts

June 27: The Rogue

July 4: Miniature Tigers, Princeton, DJ Ben Collins (1-10 p.m.)

August 1: Lymbic System

More bands and dates TBA.