Jim McPherson has made several Arizona google maps and recently finished his newest project, the map of Central Phoenix Vitality Initiatives.

The map revolves around downtown and central Phoenix revitalization, showing recent invidual projects, and numerous restoration and adaptive reuse projects.

Phoenix residents can see the before and after transformations of many historic properties and the true value they add to the community.

McPherson has also included a color-coding system to rate the status of each project. Blue meaning the project is successful, green meaning it is still in progress, magenta meaning it is failing, and red meaning it has failed. Projects on hold are indicated in yellow.

McPherson welcomes feedback for his methodology, and for corrections on geographic boundaries and the status of individual projects. He also welcomes recommendations for projects that are not already on the map.

The map can be found here

McPherson’s other maps include Phoenix’s Mid-Century Marvels, Representative Phoenix Branch Banks (1950-1975), Arizona Centennial Legacy Projects, and Heritage Cuts in Arizona (2009)