No, this headline is not the name of my debut album. Instead, it’s what will be at the Children’s Museum of Phoenix on Saturday, June 20, as children (and parents, and curious cupcake lovers young and old) congregate around a rather large cupcake to decorate it however they see fit. You see, the Chuseum, as I like to call it, is turning 1. Yes, it is a cranky little toddler and it needs some sweet, sweet sugar to put it in a coma-like euphoric state. It is bound to be a sticky and delicious affair. Plus, where else can you see a gigantic cupcake in downtown Phoenix on a Saturday afternoon? The only thing that would make this better: a diving board just over the top of this thing.

215 N. 7th Street (Washington/3rd Street light rail station)

2-4 p.m.

(602) 253-0501