Image: Phoenix New TimesSource: Phoenix New Times

“Why doesn’t somebody open a _____ in Central Phoenix?”

Fill in that blank for any kind of stylish indie business (especially anything food- and beverage-related), and I’ve wondered it aloud. For all the interesting things going on in CenPho these days, there’s still room for plenty more.

Literally a day after I had a conversation about why somebody needs to open a cool candy boutique, I heard a rumor that somebody really is. It’s called Smeeks.

And get this: It’s from Georganne Bryant, owner of Frances. In case you haven’t been to Frances, rest assured that it’s one of the hippest places to shop for unique women’s clothing, jewelry, and all kinds of cute gifty doodads. My “Love Phoenix or Leave Phoenix” T-shirt is one of Bryant’s original creations.

Smeeks was Bryant’s childhood nickname, and fittingly, the store will feature tons of retro candies — everything from penny candies to Pez.

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