cinematictitanicPhoenix fans of the cult hit television show, Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K), should prepare to be overwhelmed. Cinematic Titanic, the masters of movie riffing of former MST3K fame, will be on hand tomorrow at Hoodlums Music & Movies in Tempe to meet and great fans, as well as sign copies of their new DVD.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 ran from 1988 to 1999 and is the brainchild of creator Joel Hodgeson. The show featured a man and his robot friends that were stranded in spaced and forced to watch horrible movies. To keep them entertained during these terrible films, the man and his robots comment on the film’s flaws, also known as “riffing”.

Like MST3K, Cinematic Titanic was created by Joel Hodgeson and continues the tradition of exploiting horrible and cheesy B-movies to their fan’s delight. The troupe is in town to perform their live show at the Mesa Arts Center on Friday, May 22 and Saturday, May 23, 2009.

Fans can grab a copy of the new Cinematic Titanic DVD, as well as shirts and posters and have them signed. The entire cast will be on hand, including everyone’s favorite robots Tom Servo and Crow.

Hoodlums’ owner Steve Wiley suggests fans come early, as there are many “MSties”, in the Phoenix area. “Three of my staff have already rsvp-ed on Facebook,” said Wiley. “Compared to my staff. I am nowhere near the level of geeked-out.”

For more information about the meet and greet, visit Hoodlums’ web site.

For tickets to the event, head to

6434 S. McClintock
Tempe, AZ 85283