At long last, the founders of Lola Tapas and Lola Roastery have packed up their espresso beans and moved a few blocks west to open Lola Coffee. Monday was the grand opening, and it went over without a hitch, save for computer problems that killed the card reader machine. The crowds were there, the pastries were snatched from their glass huts (Lola features a daily rotation of pastries from Danielle Librera of the now defunct downtown sugar hub Sweet Pea… she does birthday cakes, too!) and people were sticking around to check out the cozy retro modern vibe. Did we mention the coffee is tops? One sip of the sweet, buttery espresso and you’re hooked. Each shot is handcrafted from a vintage espresso machine so the best flavors come out. They’re open one day and people are already pushing for extended hours. For now, you’ll have to get there for the morning rush and early evenings.

4700 N Central Ave

Mon-Thurs 7-7

Fri-Sat 7-10

Sun 7-3

602.265.5652, website coming soon