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The Midtown Museum District continues to do a lot of really great things for their area. From its relatively small beginnings, Margaret and Julia have grown this organization into something to truly be reckoned with. Along with some good help and a lot of grit, determination and shoe leather they are doing what communities all over town should consider. They are reaching out and making a difference. Already, they have had an impressive  list of guest speakers at their association meetings and have made great strides in many projects. For instance, there has now been efforts and bids to create a block watch, they are looking into contacting ADOT for having Midtown Museum District Neighborhood signage at the freeways to help people come to the area, they are having social events in the area and a long list of other community related things. Keep in mind, the meeting minutes from last month show the Association’s funds stood at $134.70.

I was given permission to share information from the “minutes” of the last meeting where Vice Mayor Tom Simplot discussed aspects of light rail. One of the many topics of discussion was advertising on the light rail. According to their notes, the advertising “wraps” of the light rail cars brought essential revenue to the city during difficult financial times.

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