Image: Palatte RestaurantFrom Chow Bella

I got word last night that Palatte, the popular downtown brunch spot known for its eclectic menu and relaxed historic-house setting, just closed yesterday.

Supposedly the restaurant was still doing a bangin’ business on the weekends, when people would line up for frittatas, scrambled egg “mishmashes,” and roasted sweet potato pancakes, but weekday lunch business dropped off in recent months.

Sources tell me that owners Ed and Christine McHale got an offer they couldn’t refuse from some folks who want to put another restaurant in that spot. Stay tuned for more details . . .

This is sad news for us here at The Journal, our best wishes go out to Ed and Christine for their next adventure. Palatte, je t’aime!

Source: Phoenix New Times

Update: Below is a note that The Journal just received from Christine-

From the bottom of Ed and I (Christine)’s
heart we can not thank you all enough
who were so loyal to us;
you meant more to us than you
will ever know. We love you all
and enjoyed every last minute of the endless treasures at PALATTE.

  • I loved Pallate and I’m really sad to see it close… At the same time, I’m excited to hear what will become of the space.

    Best of luck to Ed and Christine.

    – Curtis

  • Palatte was one of my favorite places to eat in Downtown Phoenix. Deciding what to eat was difficult. I loved ‘the potato’ with eggs, bacon and carmelized onions. And for my second course, I couldn’t resist taking an order of sweet potato pancakes to go. Yep, the food was that good. Ed and Christine created a unique menu, prepared dishes that never strayed from perfection, and made everyone who walked past the front gate feel special. Your presence in our urban heart will be missed.

  • My wife and I attempted to take some friends there for their first time this morning. i was devistated when we walked up to a locked fence and lifeless building. It’s wierd but i feel like I have lost a bragging point to prove that dt phx is awesome. It will be missed.

  • Nick

    I was devastated to see that my weekend brunch retreat has closed its doors forever. I looked forward to my time at Palatte on Saturday and Sunday mornings, being greeted so enthusiastically by all employees and being personally greeted by the owner at each sitting. The atmosphere was magical, the music relaxing and the cuisine delightful.

    Thank you Ed & Christine for an experience I will never forget. I thank you both for the many happy brunches and dinners I enjoyed at your lovely restaurant.


  • Chris & Kirste Kowalsky

    WOW! This is truly a sad day for us- thank goodness we just ate there recently for an amazing lunch. The ambience was always good and of course, we were able to see our friends succeed at what they loved doing. Congrats Eddie, Chris and I will keep in touch!

  • Tamika

    Who will feed me on the weekends? Best to you, Ed and Christine (and my buddy James). You all made Phoenix feel like home!

  • Nunya Bizness

    It was great, but unfortunately they dropped the ball. It was amazing that it lasted as long as it did.