I’ll try to refrain myself in the future from posting after every game as if I’m some sort of sports writer but my oh my, these Dbacks sure are playing some nifty baseball.

Did anyone see them shred the Padres again tonight?

The Padres’ 6’10” pitcher, Chris Young held his own against the Dbacks’ speedy lead off hitter, Chris Young and his teammates. (Get it? Chris Young vs Chris Young). Dbacks were down three to two after six innings. The Padres’ relief did not do as well. Our Chris Young singled off of Padres’ reliever, Thatcher to drive in Drew and take the lead in the 7th. The Dbacks’ offense exploded again in the eighth and scored six more entertaining but unneeded runs. Final score was ten to three Dbacks.

On a side note, I lived in San Diego, across the street from Petco Park for about a year and a half. I must say it is a beautiful ball park. When I was there, the Padres’ pitcher Chris Young lived in my building. I think he really is 6’10”.

– Mark