When I talk to prospective and current students, there is bound to be one question that more or less asks, “What is there to do downtown?!”

Those of us who live down here know that there is plenty to do. There are a number of high quality restaurants, taverns, art galleries, and music venues. And what about World Champion sports teams? I just got back from the Diamondbacks home opener where they gave anything but mercy to the Los Angeles Dodgers in a 9-3 victory.

My point is; there is plenty to keep a person busy downtown. And the number of things aimed at the college demographic keeps growing as well. In fact, a new clothing boutique has its Grand Opening this Saturday night. Located at the ground floor of the San Carlos Hotel, Rise Up is yet another must-see that is within walking distance from ASU’s Downtown Campus.

Rise Up is a humanitarian organization with the mission of “rising up” children out of poverty. Currently, Rise Up funds and operates educational programs in the poorest parts of Nicaragua, China, and India. The boutique is already open for business, but is having its official Grand Opening this weekend at the San Carlos’ rooftop pool.

For more on Rise Up, visit their website.