FHA is continuing to be the front-runner in low-down purchase loans in the country, with Phoenix picking up its share of users of the friendly product.

With ZERO DOWN loans up to $355,407 in Maricopa County, through the Ameridream program and other DPAs, or down payment assistance programs, 70% of the homes that sell in Phoenix fit into the favorable FHA guidelines and limits.

If you are looking at purchasing a home, do not forget to remember (did that make sense?) the FHA ‘Old Friend that still works through market changes and conventional loan turmoil.

One other tip to remember is that you can purchase 2 plex, 3 plex or 4 plex with FHA with most of your payment being paid by other tenants, and even receive some CASH FLOW for your personal residence!

I hope you consider FHA when purchasing your next home.  Blessings to you and if I can be of help, do call me.

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