…take your girlfriend/wife/date to First Friday Art Walk. The weather is nice and she’s been wanting to go. Don’t cringe. Look on the bright side. It’s a cheap date. (You know I’m always talking about affordability.) There’s no admission to anything. I know, you hate the crowds. Me too. So here’s the plan: Hit the south side galleries. There’s not many people there. Coupe De Grace gallery is providing free entertainment. Bently Project is the largest gallery in Phoenix. Then when she starts getting hungry, take her over to Coach and Willies. The pizzas are half off between 8pm and 10pm and so are the pints. Just act surprised that they have sports memorabilia and flat screen tv instead of art and you’re good to go. Two galleries and out! Yes, I’m a genius. I know.

Oh, and if it’s her birthday or you were mean this week you can buy her one of my paintings at Coupe De Grace. They range from $150 to $300 but I’m sure they’ll be worth thousands in a year or two*. And if you’re a lady reading this make him buy you one. “It’s an investment”*. If he doesn’t want to we can always go out on a date too. I’m single.


Pictured: “Monsoon Season” 36” X 48” Acrylic on Canvas

*Future looking statements about the value of Mark’s paintings are most likely false.