This glowing report, just in from our good friend Sherry Rampy.

Hey All! Just figured you might like another reason not to cook! LA PICCOLA CUCINA…Andy and Debbie Pappas’ “Little Kitchen” is exquisite. It’s located at 2241 North 7th Street, with bright red umbrellas outside a beautifully renovated building that started life as a bungalow nearly a century ago.

Wonderful mosaic tile and wood inside with comfortable seating. You order at the counter where you can see your yummy choices…they have sandwiches, prepared foods, pastries, and coffee…and an AMAZING assortment of Gelato. Now, I didn’t think that I was a gelato fan…stems from a Canadian dairy farm background…it’s just not ice cream. OMG!!! The chocolate gelato was INCREDIBLE, as was the chocolate mouse dessert (yes, I’m am hiking daily this week).

But, it’s not just the wonderful desserts…the blood orange and banana foster’s gelato were also pretty incredible. But the food you don’t have to feel guilty about is great, too!

You get a choice of a “top shelf” like herbed chicken, stuffed pork loin, meatloaf, etc. and two choices of sides like ratatouille, grilled asparagus, pickled beets, herbed potatoes, string beans or a variety of salads for just under ten bucks…yup, better than you could make for yourself for under ten bucks!

So…if you can, support another local Mom and Pop shop…owners Andy and Debbie were absolutely delightful to chat with and the food…again, is exquisite.

My personal recommendation would be: stuffed pork, ratatouille, and grilled asparagus. If you could only choose one dessert (although I strongly recommend going with friends and sharing), it would have to be a chocolate gelato. They are open every day ’til 8pm.

Hope to run into some of you there.