“We are looking for art minded filmists, the ones that art is the key and nothing matters, other than showing your art in a multimedia that some have ignored. The people that want to come to my group love artists like Jordorowsky, Lynch’ and Jarmush even Kenneth Anger but with your own vision. I want all types of people to be in my “Hive” as I call it, Actors, Directors all the way to the guy who gets me some water. I want to change the world, to make people see the beauty they have taken for granted. Everyone is equal in life so shall they be in my life  including those who butt heads with me. I think the best way to make yourself more at ease is to express yourself the only way you know how. So meet with me weekly, Wednesday nights @7pm at the new Willow on Van Buren.  I might even buy a coffee if you’re not a meat head…”

For more info contact Steve Baronick:

mr.mipar@gmail.com or call 602.516.3580

Willow House

1722 W Van Buren St
Phoenix, AZ 85007
(602) 252-0272