The development of Portland Place Condominiums, the first successful, large-scale condo project of the past few years in Downtown Phoenix, was a victory for both the Historic Roosevelt Neighborhood and Downtown Phoenix.

The developers behind that project, Tim Sprague and Feliciano Vera of Habitat Metro, recently hosted a RadiatePHX event (the monthly salon series hosted by Urban Affair, publishers of DPJ) and shared the story of that project and the future of the Lexington Hotel.

The event took place at the Lexington’s Cycle, the pop-up restaurant that spotlights transformation of this space into a future boutique hotel.

As host, Tim Sprague shared his story with the group. It’s one that mirrors many others, in that he clearly sees Phoenix for what it is, and not only embraces it, but is making a contribution to make it better.

  • Great job! As the owner of The Clarendon, I’m excited to see this project come to fruition. I’m always available to help out with the project since The Clarendon is extremely similar to what’s happening with the Lexington, and I think it would be great for the independent boutique hoteliers in CenPho to get together and be a competing force in the market, especially with the Sheraton, Wyndham (soon to be Renaissance by Marriott), and Westin having a big advantage in not having to pay property taxes, while us smaller guys do…

    Thanks again, and I’m really happy to see what happens next!