Did someone say pop-up restaurant?

Something’s officially astir Downtown, and according to trusted, mischievous sources, we won’t be getting a taste of it until this weekend — at the Devoured Culinary Classic.

Capitalizing on neglected cooking spaces in prime but otherwise forgotten locations, momentary pop-up restaurants are speedily becoming a national food trend too irresistible to ignore. These shadow restaurants have emerged as a new culinary platform, allowing talented, restless chefs to take strikingly creative professional risks without the bondage of long-term budgets and tenured appeal.

From New York City to Los Angeles, clever, food-ly forces coast to coast have begun exploiting this guerrilla dining craze. Speculation of the phenomenon’s eventual emergence here in the Phoenix area has wandered for years now. But, who would be behind it? Where would it be located? And, what would the menu be like?

It looks like after this weekend, we won’t have to wait any longer.

  • Dottsy Z

    So excited to find out Who/What it is!!!

  • FabAmy

    it’s gotta be @azhotdish!!!