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Chris T.
Gilbert, AZ
Four-star rating

ChrisTHave you ever watched those dumb/boring/nerdy space documentaries that tell you lies regarding the impossibility of time travel? Some dude with a talking computer tells you “…currently, there is no way to deviate from the space-time continuum”… Lies! I’ll tell you how to do it.  You don’t even need to buy a time machine on eBay like Kip Dynamite. Just get into your car (no, it doesn’t have to be a Delorian) and drive to 7th Street and Thomas Road (just south of Thomas on the E side), and BAM! You, my friend have entered another dimension.

You walk into this place and you expect to see Cowboy Biff sitting at the bar. Unfortunately, all you see is elderlies shuffling about. Well, they must know something that we all don’t. Like an old man/woman secret that they only tell their peers. You, my friend, have just learned their secret! Sit down and order yourself a Black Bean Burger. What? You say you don’t like vegetarian food? Well, neither do I! Trust me. Do it!

While you wait, you can imagine you are your grandpa at 12 years old. Just stopping into the local soda fountain shop to get a smooth refreshing malt. Being a 12 year old in the 1930s, you notice how modern and sleek the decor is in here. Ice cream adverts everywhere… Makes you want to stay 12 forever.

“Mom, can I have some ice cream?” Oh, I mean “Sorry, can I get a strawberry malt with that Black Bean Burger? Ahem, thanks…”

MacAlpine’s Soda Fountain is located at 2303 N. 7th St. in Coronado. (602) 262.5545

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