I have an appreciation for the challenge of the phrase “best in the Valley” or “best stuff ever made.” America’s Taco Shop claims to have the best carne asada in the Valley. Those are some big words for a little cantina-looking place, but I felt it needed to be addressed via my palate.
Now, at first glance, this little stop on the eastern side of 7th Street looks like your average little Mexican dining place. Salsa music permeating the air, a crowded porch covered in Corona advertisements — all wrapped into an eclectically colored abode.
So, once I manage to push my way through the lunchtime masses gathered on the porch and across the inside dining area, I begin searching for a menu to properly order. Surprisingly, the menu is scribbled on the upper portion of the wall in chalk. Sounds childish, but it is kind of a cool little feature. And, from the looks of the packed place, I can imagine that most of you were already there that day. So, we ate lunch together and you didn’t even say hello. Ouch.
When the cuisine arrives, the scent only seems to back up their claim. It is heavenly. Curiously though, it is served with a miniature slice of radish and cucumber. Not sure why, but the rabbit food is not what I was there to partake in. The taco seems simple enough — chopped, tender beef and lettuce with a side of salsa. So far, I’m only impressed by the scent. That little doubting voice in my head is immediately squished by each resounding bite. I can’t stop eating this. It is savory and decidedly awesome. There are not sufficient words to describe the flavor that rocked my face off. I will resort to borrowing some of my newly acquired Spanglish and say, “Fantasico!” So, even if you are a doubter of all things that are seemingly self-absorbed, I ask you to tempt the fates of America’s Taco Shop. I think they might actually be correct on this one.

America’s Taco Shop is located at 2041 N. 7th St. in Coronado.