A photo-based, mixed media artist, Keith Stanton will be exhibiting a bit of his work beginning on First Fridays, May 2nd, 2008 at the Coup de Grace.

Keith Says:

My photographs are based on my curiosity with the underlying marketing forces that inundate suburbia.  I create miniature still-lifes of everyday suburban occurrences and then photograph them to exact my point of view. My intention is to attract the viewer into examining the familiarity of everyday life.

My choices in colors are part organic, part synthetic, yet distinctly artificial and they reflect my personal sentiment regarding the evolution of the suburban consumer. I add to the visual texture of a still-life by using toys as additional props.  These objects disposed of by others and discovered at thrift stores are a symbol of suburban consumption patterns.

I use an architect’s scale during construction of the still-lifes to make sure they are visually in proportion. By shooting the photographs with a macro lens, I am able to control the scale that is captured on film. My process is the opposite of a landscape photographer and allows me to exhibit larger-than-reality photographs.

This affords the viewer the opportunity to expand their worldview beyond mundane suburbia.

The Coup de Grace Gallery is located at 707 S 3rd St, just south of the Downtown Phoenix Warehouse District.