As planning for the South Central Light Rail Extension begins, Valley Metro will host a public meeting to discuss art concepts for the project.

The meeting will take place at Reyes Maria Ruiz Leadership Academy on Saturday, February 3, at 10 a.m.

Seven of the commissioned artists will be at the meeting to show their designs and get feedback from attendees.

According to M.B Finnerty, Valley Metro Public Art Administrator, 11 of the 15 artists designing new pieces for Light Rail are from the Phoenix area. She thinks the art will connect the community to the project.

“I don’t want to take anything away from the rail because that’s important. But the art is really the fun part,” Finnerty said. “Each artist has a different experience and take on the city, their work will really add color to the stations.”

In April of last year, Phoenix City council approved a six-mile extension, which includes a transfer hub and four new stations.

The gathering will be the third in a series of meetings where the city will ask the public for input. The first took on January 17; the second is tonight.

“It’s a great opportunity to meet the artist,” Finnerty said. “This way everybody can feel involved and be a part it.”

Valley Metro Public Information Specialist Corinne Holliday said the first two meetings covered the designs for the stations and track, which is 40 percent complete.

The extension will connect with the current light rail system in downtown Phoenix and operate south to Baseline Road. The city plans to start construction in 2019, and completed it by 2023.

Every Light Rail station features art. According to Holliday, the new art accounts for 1 percent of the at least $704 million construction budget.

Images courtesy of Valley Metro