Take in a street-level view of downtown Phoenix.

Palm trees in paradise
Location: 2nd St. and Van Buren

A mix of historic and contemporary
Location: 1st Ave. and Washington

Go into the light
Location: 2nd St. and Monroe


    Why does Phoenix downtown still looks almost deserted and lifeless?

    • hotbabyboomer

      You don’t know where to look. Phoenix is not a strolling city. People know where they want to be and don’t wander the streets. Try starting with dinner at the Vig,3rd ave /Filmore..”wander down to Van Buren/2nd ave. Not New York or Chicago but the people are great, you will have a good time. Also the first Friday of each month the art galleries on and around Roosevelt are open at night. Pick up the local info pages and plan some more outings. I live in condo over looking Hance park and there is always something going on. Plus 2 dog parks and dogs are “date magnets”. Have fuin