DPJ’s Urban Form series looks at the interplay between movement and surroundings through the lens of dancers and architecture in downtown Phoenix.


Dancer Lacee Garcia. Photo: Ashley Baker.

For me there is always something powerful about photos that exist not in the subject’s beauty or their athleticism, but just in their living body interacting with the space. Lacee Garcia is an accomplished dancer and after moving quite ferociously in front of the “Ain’t life Grand” mural, she came to this mural on the opposite side of the building. What I find so beautiful about this photo and place is how the light can put things in a whole new perspective.

While moving in this space, Lacee found the guidance of light and its warmth, along with glass and crumbling concrete on the ground. Even in this moment where she is brushing the tiny fragments of glass from her hands, she focused in and her body responded in angled and secure structures. Often in these moments when you feel as though something is splintering beneath you, you can recognize the beginning of a new great work or the needed awaking of what must be improved upon.