Things are starting to heat up in downtown and the art scene is no exception. So, be sure to hydrate because the work on display tonight is, hot! Need a ride? No problem, Artlink has you covered with Ollie the Trolley! More info on the Artlink Phoenix website

Desert River/City River

Shade Projects is proud to present a solo exhibit from New York artist Tony Winters, featuring “… visions of magical landscapes, part natural, part man-made, that make up the Phoenix watershed.” Winters work invites the viewer to bask in the beauty of the fragile journey to get to the Valley. Winters states, “I believe people feel love and protectiveness for things they understand and find beautiful. This project intends to evoke that feeling toward the Phoenix watershed.” Join the experience from 6-10 p.m. tonight at the MonOrchid on 3rd street and Roosevelt.  More info here.

Courtesy of Shade Gallery

Courtesy of Shade Gallery

Gods and Monsters

Join 9 the Gallery and Artelshow at 1229 Grand Avenue tonight from 6-10 p.m., as they bring you Gods and Monsters, featuring over 40 local and national artists working in a variety of mediums and subject matters. The artists explore the concept of origins, myth, divinity and morality to reveal the differences and similarities between such contrasting concepts. Artist list includes, but is not limited to Eric Cox, Fred Tieken and Space Boy Robot.


Courtesy of Boats OShana

Courtesy of Boats OShana

If you have been to the MonOrchid, you may have missed the second gallery space in the back, Bokeh. Be sure to check it out tonight to see the work of local photographer, Christopher OShana. “OShana debuts a new body of work, highlighting the beauty of Arizona and its history while pushing himself artistically as a photographer,” states curator Nicole Royce. You won’t want to miss this journey through the Indian Ruins of the Sonoran Desert including Flagstaff and Wupatki. 

Illustrations and Allusions

Join Joey Robert Parks at the Renaissance Phoenix Downtown Hotel for the next edition of his progressive project, 26 Blocks. Parks will introduce the artist Travis Fetting, who brings the newest element to the project through his 26 line drawings that will connect the viewer to the art in a fresh and exciting way. Learn a little more about your city tonight from 6-10 p.m. and get chance to win a one night stay at the hotel. Show up to find out more, located at 50 E. Adams St. Learn more here

Origins: Chapter II

If you missed the first Origins show from artist Aztec Smurf, worry no more because here is your second chance. Smurf is known throughout the Valley as an exceptional artist who works on both large and contemporary scaled works of art that push cultural and comfortable boundaries in a unique style that can only be described as, whimsical. Be sure to take this chance to open your mind and expand your horizons through the work of Aztec Smurf tonight from 6-10pm at Luna Culture Lab, located at 803 E. Washington. More info here

courtesy of Aztec Smurf

Courtesy of Aztec Smurf