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First let me proclaim aloud that I am “all in” on the reuse, repurpose, recycle approach to stuff. Some outcomes of this practice are more successful than others, but this weekend at the Phoenix Flea, I discovered a repurposed line of vintage luggage boomboxes that had me tap dancing with joy. Brently Easten’s Loud Luggage line is an example of repurposing at its best. Each piece was an ingenious combination of practicality, whimsy, style, and attention to detail that had me swooning.

photo by Jill Bernstein

Loud Luggage.

What is Loud Luggage, exactly? Well, Easten has been collecting vintage pieces of luggage in a bazillion shapes, sizes and colors over the last six years. He then converts them into hipster eye candy boomboxes for the 21st century. To use them you just plug in your mobile device directly or use Bluetooth, and many of the models include rechargeable lithium batteries.

"Yellowl." Photo by Jill Bernstein


Easten has done a meticulous job of designing the end products to not only work well, but look fantastic. He is as careful with the inside of the boxes as the outside. He makes sure that all of his cases still open and, when possible, they retain their original interior fabrics or you have your choice of vintage plaid or tweed threads.

In addition to loving the products, I also was charmed by Loud Luggage graphics and Brently’s business card, which is a riff on an old-fashioned luggage tag. In short, Loud Luggage is simply irresistible. I mean, who wouldn’t want the “Yellowl?” In addition to the already finished boxes, Easten also makes custom pieces. Got an old suitcase you don’t use, but can’t part with because it’s so darn cool? Brently Easten is your man.

Easten’s hand-crafted boomboxes aren’t cheap, but they are carefully crafted and beautiful to see, touch, and hear. Visit his website and get a glimpse of the beauties he has in stock. And if Santa asks, I’ve been very, very good this year!

Photos by Jill Bernstein.