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The Perks of Participating in Valley Bike Month

Trade in your four-wheels for two! April is Valley Bike Month and there’s so much to gain by getting involved. Bicycling can be used for short trips or to extend a transit trip. Bicycling can lead to increased fitness and fun, and it’s also a great way for families and friends to spend time together as they pedal their way to a favorite local destination. Visit sharetheride.com to learn more and track your bicycling trips to enter to win prizes.

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More people are catching on to the benefits of bicycling to work. Six percent of Valley commuters bike at least one day a week. Bikes also help extend a transit trip whether on bus or light rail.

The Benefits of Riding


Bike instead of drive and then connect to a bus or light rail to complete your trip.


Burn more calories and reduce the risk of heart disease. Less stress, too!


Cyclists save on commute costs and many businesses offer special deals to riders.


Reduces emissions that cause air pollution, reduces fuel consumption and traffic congestion.

Valley Bike Month Events
For a list of all Valley Bike Month events visit sharetheride.com. Find a bike buddy, track your bike trips and enter to win great prizes!