Hundreds of fabulous bicyclists took to the streets to support bike culture at Pedal Craft PHX last Friday night.

Bikes lined the streets, amazing racks were curated by Sidewalk Phoenix and local designers produced spectacular posters, which were purchased by the armful.

Of course our fashion spotters were on the lookout and were more than pleased to see the T-shirts designed by Jon Ashcroft looking especially chic.

Congratulations to the organizers for producing a terrific inaugural event. Look for more Pedal Craft festivities this Fall and in the meantime, check out the images captured by DPJ photographer, and Downtown resident, Jack London.

  • The event was awesome and glad to see so many like-minded, bike and beer oriented folks in one spot. The venue was perfect, and thanks to Kitchen Sink for hosting. Just seeing the transformation of their work space should be enough for would-be clients to sign up. Love the custom bike racks at the event. It’s a pet peeve of mine that most businesses, especially restaurants and bars, don’t provide bike racks, or ill conceived substitute ones, for their non-car patrons. These racks blend artistic sculpture with utility. Aaron, from Voigt Metal (, created the fish and art deco bike rack in one of the photos. Hope to see the biking spirit continue past Bike Month.