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Explore Your Core: Light Rail | Central & Washington

Explore Your Core — Light Rail (Central/Washington) from Downtown Phoenix Journal on Vimeo.

DPJ and Light Rail Blogger Tony Arranaga get off the line to explore the neighborhood near the Central/Washington Light Rail station.

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Thai Elephant
Cartel Coffee Lab
Bar Smith
Phoenix Convention Center
Orpheum Theatre
METRO Light Rail

  • Metro calls this “Central and Washington and First Avenue and Jefferson” station — cannot we please call it “City Hall Station” ? That would be much simpler and far more obvious.

    • William,

      I agree, that would be nice. METRO is in the process of renaming most of the stations on the line to pair up with neighborhoods or cultural locations. The ones in the city core are probably a bit tougher to distinguish, what with everything around them.

      As for the purposes of DPJ, we’re sticking with the one name, Central and Washington, for now. Look for more videos soon!