Next Friday is a big day for ASU’s Downtown Phoenix Campus.

We are excited to host Juan Williams (of NPR fame) at the innagural Community Advocacy Symposium. Through “Vision Mapping” (solutions through art) and focused breakout sessions, students, faculty, and community members will begin a dialog concerning pertinant civil rights issues.

This event is open to the public, and I highly encourage you to attend. In fact, I will be co-leading the breakout session on Economic Justice. There are more sessions, just in case that one doesn’t sound interesting. I have a full listing of those sessions, and even more information at my blog here.

After the Community Advocacy Symposium, ASU will join Downtown Phoenix in celebrating First Fridays. The entire University Center Building will be open to the public, full of live music and art created by local nonprofit organizations. Can’t wait to see you all next Friday!

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