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Bike sharing has proven to be an effective and fun transportation option for hundreds cities around the world to better connect commuters, students and visitors to the places where they work, shop and play.

Transportation experts, sustainability advocates and forward-thinking leaders like Mayor Greg Stanton have been advocating for a Bike Sharing program in Phoenix and the Valley for years. Now Bike Sharing is about to become a reality.

Scheduled to launch December 2013, Phoenix’s new Bike Share program will provide a healthy and affordable way for residents and visitors to make short trips around town. With input from the public, the Bike Share kiosks will be placed near prominent gathering places, cultural and recreation destinations, light rail stations and the Arizona State University’s campuses.

Ride, return, repeat. Proposed Bike Sharing program rendering courtesy of Strategies 360.

In its first phase, Cyclehop, the company that won the bid to implement Bike Share in Phoenix, will distribute approximately 500 bikes. The plan is to expand bike sharing both in Phoenix and to other cities including Tempe and Mesa, creating a regional system, according to Josh Squire, CEO of Cyclehop.

Using the most sophisticated technology available, users can purchase day passes or longer-term memberships at the kiosks, online or via a smartphone app.

The program will be made possible by public-private partnerships where corporate sponsors help underwrite the costs while promoting their brand on the bikes and kiosks. In New York City, Citibank is the primary sponsor for the “Citibike” program, and health insurance companies have been active sponsors in other cities.

Cyclehop is actively looking for Arizona corporate partners in this unique sponsorship opportunity. For more information about sponsorships or bike sharing, please contact: Stacey Champion at 602.788.0033 or staceyc@strategies360.com.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Provides you with system naming rights, with your company logo and color scheme used for all system elements.

  • System website to include your branding and color scheme
  • All bikes will be custom painted to match your brand colors and will display your company graphics/logos as specified
  • Branded system logo will be displayed on all kiosks
  • Promotion of your brand at community events and membership drives throughout the year
  • Collateral materials to include your branding and color scheme


  • Host a station on your property
  • Your company logo will be included in system maps, on the website, and on our mobile applications


  • Advertising panels on bikes
  • Advertising panels on bike stations
  • Advertising space in system newsletter
  • Advertising opportunities on system map, website, and mobile app


  • We will agree to symbiotically promote one another and provide value to our mutual members/customers through events and targeted promotions
  • We will promote your business to our members and the community


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