Don and SheaJoin Don and friends for a goodbye at Sidebar tonight (Monday, June 22nd) at 8:30pm. I’ll be there in spirit.

He’s worked at the Apple store. He’s worked for a music mag. He started a modern design mag. He started an entertainment mag. He’s a photographer, dog owner and member of the YMCA.

He supported downtown. He went to museums. He dreamed of a better downtown Phoenix, a modern, urban oasis filled with people and intelligent conversation. He might have been a little early to the downtown scene.

And now Don Crossland is leaving the city he’s called home for much of his life for a new adventure in the Mecca of modernism, New York. Armed with dreams of working for a green publication, a modern design magazine or earning his living from behind a camera, Crossland will surely find the path ahead of him easier than the one he forged here.

Have a good time in New York, buddy.

  • What, no goodbye to Shea the Dog post, too?

    • Nope, Shea isn’t leaving for almost another month. Shea and I are hanging out when I get back.

      • He probably couldn’t leave because he loves smelling my neighbors’ dogs’ asses too much.