The Insecure Critic | Losing My ‘Religulous’ at St. Francis

October 9, 2009 | By

What better way to reflect on ‘Religulous’ than our very own holy-sounding St. Francis, Aaron Chamberlin’s creation on Camelback Road just east of Central.

Hula’s Modern Tiki: Pupus, Pork Plates, Mai Tais and More

October 2, 2009 | By

Presenting a snazzy, reinvented example of an older mid-century aesthetic, Hula’s Modern Tiki in Uptown is a welcome addition to not only the neighborhood, but also the entire city.

It All ‘Adds’ Up: Christoph Kaiser and His Garfield Neighborhood

September 23, 2009 | By

Christoph Kaiser is helping to rebuilding Garfield one house at a time. Once an epicenter of gang activity and urban blight in Downtown Phoenix, Kaiser’s houses are now at the heart of Garfield’s resurgence, and among the coolest in Downtown Phoenix.

‘When in AZ’ Sweats All Over the Rhythm Room

September 15, 2009 | By

The scene from last week’s When in AZ compilation release show at the Rhythm Room was sweaty, full of cheap beer and sometimes oddly confusing.

Sips and Grub | Pepper-Crusted Flat Iron Steak at St. Francis

September 8, 2009 | By

It was suggested that this night of adventure needed to kick off right. Thus, the lavish, new St. Francis was selected for its holy name, apparently.

Rethinking Our Canals

September 8, 2009 | By

Phoenix residents might consider themselves lucky to live along the 131 miles of canals, some of the only waterfront property in the Valley. That excitement is tempered a bit when one actually looks at some stretches of the canals.

Behind the Counter: Lindsay Cates at Stinkweeds

September 7, 2009 | By

Stinkweeds owner Kimber Lanning can often be found in and around the record store, but she relies on a committed staff to keep things humming. One of these people is store manager Lindsay Cates.

St. Francis: Night One

September 5, 2009 | By

A week ahead of its latest opening date extension, last night (Friday, September 4) welcomed the addition of Uptown’s biggest dining anticipation in quite some time: St. Francis.

Opening Soirée at Lola Coffee

May 30, 2009 | By

Lola Coffee is hosting its oh so official grand opening party tonight (never mind that it’s been open for three weeks) and you’re invited. They’re luring everyone in with free coffee, some super secret live jams and even a few wine pours. Plus, there’s the killer atmosphere, munchable food and relaxed vibe that’s made Lola an instant success.