Much debate rings about the Warehouse district: is it even a historic district? Does it have proper boundaries? Is preservation becoming an afterthought? All of these are important and relevant questions. The area is roughly bounded by Jackson Street to the north, 7th Street to the east, 7th Avenue to the west and Buckeye Road to the south.

The issue of preservation in this area has been a source of near-constant controversy for years, as developers were salivating at the idea of making “urban” condos out of these old warehouses since before the mid-2000s housing boom. Though many proposed properties are still in various states of development, planning, zoning limbo and/or flux, this much is true: some of Phoenix’s most structurally interesting buildings, whether in use or not, remain here. Old produce warehouses, mechanic and auto garages and storage warehouses still stand, surrounded by modest bungalow-style housing that offers some of the better bargains in Phoenix.

Photo by Jason Garcia