Historic Roosevelt

Includes Roosevelt Historic District.

Phoenix’s longest designated historic district, Roosevelt is ripe with well-preserved turn-of-the-century homes, tree-lined streets, manicured lawns and a growing number of reuse/infill properties that have enhanced the neighborhood.

Though the area was founded in the 1860s, what is today’s Roosevelt district (spanning from McDowell to Fillmore streets, and Central to 7th avenues) was mostly developed from the 1890s to 1930s. Many of the properties still standing in the neighborhood today were built during this time. Development began along Central Avenue (then Center Street) to the north first (those properties have long since been replaced by retail, Trinity Cathedral, light rail and others) and slowly transitioned south toward Fillmore into the 1920s.

Present day Roosevelt is a mix of architectural influences, most notably the California and Craftsman bungalow and Period Revival styles. Roosevelt is home to a growing number of restaurants and storefronts and infill developments, but it remains one of Downtown Phoenix’s quieter, more coveted neighborhoods.

For more information on the Roosevelt district, visit the Roosevelt Action Association.

Photo by Ali Jalili