F.Q. Story

Includes F.Q. Story Historic District.

Bounded by the McDowell Road and Grand Avenue thoroughfares, you would think F.Q. Story reverberates with the hustling ambiance of both roadways. Not so. F.Q. Story is one of Greater Downtown Phoenix’s premier residential districts, with wide-ranging architectural influences. Named after developer Francis Quarles Story, who helped develop Grand Avenue and its streetcar presence in the 1880s, most of the homes here were built from the 1920s to 1940s.

Bound by Grand Avenue to the west, McDowell Road to the north, 7th Avenue to the east and Roosevelt Street to the south, F.Q. Story is a collection of 600 homes that chronicles early Phoenix development. Older homes on the neighborhood’s eastern edge depict the bungalow style popular in the 1920s, and as you move westward, Colonial Revival, Tudor, Cottage and Ranch influences, among others, creep in. Though little commercial development ever took place in the neighborhood, its boundary streets are within easy walking distance, and provide all sorts of Downtown amenities.

For more information on the F.Q. Story district, visit the F.Q. Story Historic Committee.