Take Action | City Contacts

You see “problem areas” in your neighborhood or around Greater Downtown Phoenix in general, and you want to talk with someone about what is or can be done. You want action!

Here’s a handy, rather comprehensive list of issues we’ve all heard about down through the years, along with the “right” city department and/or nonprofit organization that’s involved in maintaining or improving the matter in question.teamwork puzzle Take Action | City Contacts

Do you want to contribute and work toward positive change?  Then review the list for the area(s) of concern to you, “package” your idea/suggestion, click on the link for background and contact information, and take action!

NOTE: As for any directory, things change. If you see any additions or corrections to be made to the list, please contact us. Also, here are two additional online resources: City of Phoenix Keyword Search and City of Phoenix Seamless Service Directory (PDF).


Arts and Culture







Emergency Numbers

  • Police, Fire, Medical Emergency ~ 911
  • Accident Cleanup ~ 602.262.6441
  • Crime Stop (Police) ~ 602.262.6151
  • Gas Leaks (Southwest Gas) ~ 602.271.4277
  • Graffiti ~ 911 (if you see it in process) or 602.262.7327 (Anti-Graffiti Hotline)
  • Information (City Switchboard) ~ 602.262.6011
  • Parks Night Emergency ~ 602.262.6386
  • Poison Control ~ 602.253.3334
  • Power Outage (APS) ~ 602.371.7171
  • Power Outage (SRP) ~ 602.236.8811
  • Snake Removal ~ 480.894.1625
  • Traffic Signals, Malfunctioning ~ 602.262.6021
  • Water Safety Hotline ~ 602.495.5555

Update: March 29, 2011