Tag: Downtown Phoenix

Let’s Deck the Halls and Central Avenue

October 11, 2012 | By

A community effort is underway to decorate the Central Avenue corridor for the holidays.

Kickin’ it Old School at the South Central Gym

October 5, 2012 | By

The Duce’s retro gym gets locals sweating with a back-to-basics exercise program.

Roosevelt’s Tipping Point?

October 4, 2012 | By

The roof was raised on the future of home of 600 downtown residents.

Ranch Road Boots Delivers Custom Kicks

October 2, 2012 | By

Phoenix-based company brings a little country to downtown.

Gallery | Pedal Craft Volume 2

October 1, 2012 | By

They came, they rode, they celebrated.

Wire | Nonprofit Seeks ‘Bakers’ for Gingerbread House Auction

September 28, 2012 | By

Gingerbread home builders invited to participate in a benefit for Neighborhood Housing Services of Phoenix.

Wire | Phoenix Convention Center and Symphony Hall 40th Anniversary Celebration

September 27, 2012 | By

All are invited to the mid-day celebration of Phoenix’s iconic event spaces, Friday September 28.

Wire | Auditions for Alice Cooper’s Christmas Pudding

September 25, 2012 | By

Got what it takes to be the opening act for Alice Cooper and friends?

Wire | Downtown Phoenix to Celebrate PARK(ing) Day 2012

September 20, 2012 | By

Pick a spot to cop a squat and consider the impact of a walkable urban landscape.

Sculpt Your Body at SuTRA Midtown

September 19, 2012 | By

A local yoga studio offers high-energy Skullpt classes that mix Pilates, athletic conditioning and ballet techniques.