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Celebrate Arizona Beer Week in Downtown Phoenix

Posted on February 9th, 2016

Sample some of our state’s tastiest brews during Arizona Beer Week, a celebration of local craft beer taking place February 11-21.


The Kettle Black Puts a New Spin on the Traditional Pub

Posted on February 2nd, 2016 by

The newly opened pub at First Street and Washington offers a welcoming, Old World-meets-urban feel and a menu with Irish-American flair.


Wire | Nobuo at Teeter House Garden Session Series Returns

Posted on January 25th, 2016 by

Enjoy smooth sounds, drink specials and more at Thursday’s Nobuo at Teeter House Garden Session Series.

The Larder + The Delta at DeSoto Central Market.

Counter Culture | the larder + the delta

Posted on January 12th, 2016 by

DPJ’s Counter Culture series looks at downtown Phoenix dining from the best seat in the house: the bar stool, where unique connections and sensory experiences converge like no other place in the room.


Nook Finds a Niche in Downtown Phoenix

Posted on December 22nd, 2015 by

Locally-owned Nook Kitchen will soon open an Art Deco-inspired location at the Hilton Garden Inn Phoenix Downtown.


Desk Chat | Your Downtown with David Krietor

Posted on December 14th, 2015 by

Find all the latest news in downtown Phoenix development, arts, community and more in this month’s desk chat with Downtown Phoenix, Inc. CEO, David Krietor


Phoenix Ale’s Central Kitchen on Tap for 2016

Posted on December 10th, 2015 by

Phoenix Ale Brewery will open their ‘Central Kitchen’ neighborhood gastropub at the Crown on 7th building in early 2016.


Upward and Outward

Posted on November 6th, 2015 by

The Upward Projects restaurant group takes advantage of Phoenix’s largely perfect patio weather by blending indoor and outdoor dining experiences.

Eats & Drinks Destinations

ICON50 E. Adams St. (Wyndham Hotel)602.333.0000DowntownBar
Bar Smith130 E. Washington St.602.229.1265DowntownBar
Bikini Lounge1502 W. Grand Ave.602.252.0472DowntownBar
H.B. Hanratty's537 E. Camelback Rd.602.274.3067UptwonBar
The Lost Leaf914 N. 5th St.602.258.0014Evans ChurchillBar
RumBar106 E. Pierce St.602.267.1266Evans ChurchillBar
SideBar1514 N. 7th Ave.602.254.1646F.Q. StoryBar
Sky Lounge132 E. Washington St.602.229.1110DowntownBar
Bar Bianco609 E. Adams St.602.528.3699DowntownBar
Churn (Ice Cream)5213 N. Central Ave.602.279.8024UptownCoffee/Tea/Dessert
Grind House Coffee1028 Grand Ave #6602.258.1536Grand AveCoffee/Tea/Dessert
Urban Cookies4711 N. 7th St.602.451.4335UptownCoffee/Tea/Dessert
Lola Coffee1001 N. 3rd Ave.602.252.2265RooseveltCoffee/Tea/Dessert
A Touch of Yogurt2 N. Central Ave.602.495.9226DowntownCoffee/Tea/Dessert
Cartel Coffee Lab1 N. 1st St.480.712.0675DowntownCoffee/Tea/Dessert
Urban Beans3508 N. 7th St.602.595.2244Evans ChurchillCoffee/Tea/Dessert
One Coffee Company1 N. Central Ave.DowntownCoffee/Tea/Dessert
Copper Star Coffee4220 N. 7th Ave.602.266.2136MelroseCoffee/Tea/Dessert
Fair Trade Cafe (Civic Space Park)424 N. Central Ave.602.253.6912ASU DowntownCoffee/Tea/Dessert
Fair Trade Cafe (Roosevelt)1020 N. 1st Ave.602.354.8150RooseveltCoffee/Tea/Dessert
Giant Coffee1437 N. 1st St.Evans ChurchillCoffee/Tea/Dessert
Gideon's Coffee209 W. Jackson St.WarehouseCoffee/Tea/Dessert
Tammie Coe Cakes & MJ Bread610 E. Roosevelt St.602.253.0829Evans ChurchillCoffee/Tea/Dessert
Crave Sandwich Cafe (Children's Museum)215 N. 7th St.602.253.0501GarfieldRestaurant
Crazy Jim's 15th Avenue4014 N. 15th Ave.602.264.4777MidtownRestaurant
Crazy Jim's Downtown305 W Washington St # 104602.254.6550DowntownRestaurant
District American Kitchen320 N. 3rd St.602.817.5400DowntownRestaurant
Downtown Deli130 N. Central Ave.602.258.3069DowntownRestaurant
The Duce525 S. Central Ave.602.253.9033WarehouseRestaurant
Duck and Decanter1 N. Central Ave.602.266.6637DowntownRestaurant
Duck and Decanter3111 N. Central Ave.602.234.3656MidtownRestaurant
Duck and Decanter1651 E. Camelback Rd.602.274.5429UptownRestaurant
Durant's2611 N. Central Ave.602.264.5967MidtownRestaurant
El Norteno1002 N. 7th Ave.602.254.4629F.Q. StoryRestaurant
Federal Pizza5210 N. Central Ave.602.795-2920UptownRestaurant
Fez105 W. Portland St.602.287.8700Historic RooseveltRestaurant
First Watch61 W. Thomas Rd.602.265.2092WilloRestaurant
Five Guys Burgers and Fries50 W. Jefferson St.602.687.7575DowntownRestaurant
Five Guys Burgers and Fries1515 North 7th Avenue602-253-6014Historic RooseveltRestaurant
Focaccia Fiorentina122 N. Central Ave.602.252.0007DowntownRestaurant
Friday's Front Row Sports Grill401 E. Jefferson St.602.462.3503DowntownRestaurant
Fry Bread House4140 N. 7th Ave.602.351.2345MelroseRestaurant
Gallo Blanco Cafe401 W. Clarendon Ave.602.274.4774MidtownRestaurant
Al-Hana (at Baiz Market Place)523 N. 20th St.602.252.8996GarfieldRestaurant
Gourmet House of Hong Kong1438 E. McDowell Rd.602.253.4859CoronadoRestaurant
Green2022 N. 7th St.602.258.1870CoronadoRestaurant
Hana Japanese Eatery5524 N. 7th Ave.602.973.1238North CentralRestaurant
Hanny's40 N. 1st St.602.252.2285DowntownRestaurant
Hard Rock Cafe3 S. 2nd St.602.261.ROCKDowntownRestaurant
Harley's Italian Bistro4221 N. 7th Ave.602.234.0333MelroseRestaurant
The Hero Factory1 N. Central Ave.602.254.6763DowntownRestaurant
Hsin Cafe120 E. Taylor St.602.254.6337ASURestaurant
Hula's Modern Tiki4700 N. Central Ave.602.265.8454UptownRestaurant
Humble Pie2333 N. 7th St.602.229.1289CoronadoRestaurant
Karim's Cobbler Shop & Deli333 E. Jefferson St.602.257.1801DowntownRestaurant
Kincaid's2 S. 3rd St.602.340.0000DowntownRestaurant
La Santisima Gourmet Taco Shop1919 N. 16th St.602.254.6330CoronadoRestaurant
La Tolteca1201 E. Van Buren St.602.253.1511GarfieldRestaurant
Lenny's Burger Shop2825 N. Central Ave.602.263.8700MidtownRestaurant
Lo-Lo's Chicken and Waffles10 W. Yuma St.602.340.1304South PhoenixRestaurant
Los Compadres4414 N. 7th Ave.602.265.1162MelroseRestaurant
Los Dos Molinos8684 S. Central Ave.602.243.9113South PhoenixRestaurant
Maizie's Cafe and Bistro4750 N. Central Ave.602.274.2828UptownRestaurant
Majerle's Sports Bar24 N. 2nd St.602.253.9004DowntownRestaurant
Matt's Big Breakfast825 N. 1st St.602.254.1074Evans ChurchillRestaurant
Mi Patio3347 N. 7th St.602.277.4831MidtownRestaurant
Moira Sushi215 E. McKinley St.602.254.5085Evans ChurchillRestaurant
Mrs. White's Golden Rule Cafe808 E. Jefferson St.602.262.9256DowntownRestaurant
My Big Fat Greek Restaurant455 N. 3rd St.602.254-5730DowntownRestaurant
Networks Bar & Grill122 N. 2nd St.602.440.3191DowntownRestaurant
Alice Cooper'stown101 E. Jackson St.602.253.7337WarehouseRestaurant
Los Dos Molinos1044 E. Camelback Rd.602.528.3535UptownRestaurant
Old Station Subs1301 W Jefferson St.602.253.7665Capitol MallRestaurant
Pane Bianco4404 N. Central Ave.602.234.2100MidtownRestaurant
Phoenix City Grille5816 N. 16th St.602.266.3001North CentralRestaurant
Phoenix College Culinary Cafe3310 N. 10th Ave.602.285.7764MidtownRestaurant
Pita Jungle1001 N. 3rd Ave.602.258.7482RooseveltRestaurant
Pizzeria Bianco623 E. Adams St.602.258.8300DowntownRestaurant
Postino Central5144 N. Central Ave.602.274.5144UptownRestaurant
Province333 N. Central Ave.602.429.3500DowntownRestaurant
The Rokerij6335 N. 16th St.602.287.8900North CentralRestaurant
America's Taco Shop2041 N. 7th St.602.682.5627CoronadoRestaurant
America's Taco Shop1615 E. Camelback 602.264.4229MelroseRestaurant
St. Francis111 E. Camelback Rd.602.200.8111UptownRestaurant
Canyon Cafe455 N. 3rd St.602.252.3545DowntownRestaurant
The Arrogant Butcher2 E. Jefferson St.602.324.8502DowntownRestaurant
Sierra Bonita Grill6933 N. 7th St.602.264.0700North CentralRestaurant
Sing High Chop Suey House27 W. Madison St.602.253.7848WarehouseRestaurant
Steve's Greenhouse Grill139 E. Adams St.602.252.2742DowntownRestaurant
Stickler's30 N. 3rd Ave.602.254.6700DowntownRestaurant
Sun Up Brewing Company322 E. Camelback Rd.602.279.8909UptownRestaurant
Switch2603 N. Central Ave.602.264.2295MidtownRestaurant
Tacos de Juarez1017 N. 7th St.602.258.1744GarfieldRestaurant
Tee Pee Tap Room602 E. Lincoln St.602.340.8787WarehouseRestaurant
Thai Basil114 W. Adams St., Ste 104602.759.8737DowntownRestaurant
Thai E-San616 W. Indian School Rd.602.297.8888MelroseRestaurant
Thai Hut101 E. McDowell Rd.602.253.8631Evans ChurchillRestaurant
That's a Wrap800 E. Camelback Rd.602.252.5051UptownRestaurant
Ticoz Resto-Bar5114 N. 7th St.602.200.0160UptownRestaurant
Tom's Tavern & 1929 Grill2 N. Central Ave. Suite #102602.257.1688DowntownRestaurant
Tuck Shop2245 N. 12th St.602.354.2980CoronadoRestaurant
The Turf705 N. 1st St.602.296.5043Evans ChurchillRestaurant
Two Hippies Beach House501 E. Camelback Rd.602.277.0399UptownRestaurant
Melrose Kitchen4306 N. 7th Ave.602.274.0079MelroseRestaurant
The Vig Uptown6015 N. 16th St.602.633.1187UptownRestaurant
Wild Thaiger2631 N. Central Ave.602.241.8995MidtownRestaurant
Windsor5223 N. Central Ave.602.279.1111UptownRestaurant
Yasda Bento18 W. Adams St.602.254.7174DowntownRestaurant
zpizza111 W. Monroe St.602.254.4145DowntownRestaurant
zpizza53 W. Thomas Rd.602.234.3289WilloRestaurant
Azteca Bakery416 N. 7th Ave.602.253.5864DowntownRestaurant
Barrio Cafe2814 N. 16th St.602.636.0240CoronadoRestaurant
BKLYN'S NYC Pizza144 E. Washington St.602.253.7499DowntownRestaurant
Bliss ReBAR905 N. 4th St.602.795.1792Evans ChurchillRestaurant
The Breadfruit108 E. Pierce St.602.267.1266Evans ChurchillRestaurant
The Breakfast Club2 E. Jefferson St.602.354.7284DowntownRestaurant
Brick Pizzeria and Wine Bar455 N. 3rd St.602.258.3665DowntownRestaurant
Carolina's1202 E. Mohave St.602.252.1503South PhoenixRestaurant
Carly's Bistro128 E. Roosevelt St.602.262.2759Evans ChurchillRestaurant
Centurion214 W. Roosevelt St.602.687.8796RooseveltRestaurant
China Chili302 E. Flower St.602.266.4463MidtownRestaurant
Cibo603 N. 5th Ave.602.441.2697RooseveltRestaurant
Coach and Willie's412 S. 3rd St.602.254.5272WarehouseRestaurant
Compass Arizona Grill122 N. 2nd St.602.440.3166DowntownRestaurant
Coney Island Grill16 W. Adams St.602.253.0292DowntownRestaurant
1130 the Restaurant455 N. 3rd St.602.368.3046DowntownRestaurant
Coup des Tartes4216 N. 16th St.602.212.1082UptownRestaurant
Crave Sandwich Cafe (Mercado)541 E. Van Buren St.602.257.1616DowntownRestaurant
Nobuo at the Teeter House622 E. Adams St.602.254.0600DowntownRestaurant
Seamus McCaffrey's18 W. Monroe St.602.253.6081DowntownRestaurant/Bar
Third Space1028 Grand Ave602.258.1536Grand AveRestaurant/Bar
Blue Hound Kitchen2 E. Jefferson, #200602.258.0231 DowntownRestaurant/Bar
George & Dragon English Restaurant & Pub4240 N. Central Ave.602.241.0018MidtownRestaurant/Bar
Rose & Crown628 E. Adams St.602.256.0223DowntownRestaurant/Bar
Rosie McCaffrey's906 E. Camelback Rd.602.241.1916UptownRestaurant/Bar
The Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery2 E. Jefferson St.602.293.3888DowntownRestaurant/Bar
MacAlpine's Soda Fountain2303 N. 7th St.602.262.5545CoronadoRestaurant/Coffee/Tea/Dessert
Jobot Coffee918 N. 5th St.Evans ChurchillRestaurant/Coffee/Tea/Dessert
Lux Central4404 N. Central Ave.602.696.9976MidtownRestaurantCoffee/Tea/Dessert
Hob Nobs149 W. McDowell Rd.602.253.9220RooseveltRestaurantCoffee/Tea/Dessert
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