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After all, we have a five-year anniversary to celebrate!



RadiatePHX is a non-traditional community networking group that supports Downtown Phoenix and smart growth in our emerging city.  Launched in September 2007, people meet periodically in new and interesting places throughout our core, and is intended to be an informal and fun forum for connecting people, ideas, and vision.


People who care about place making, design, community building, and our vital urban core.  We invite all those who are creative, entrepreneurial, care about how Phoenix develops, appreciate good design, have a social conscience, and enjoy converging with eclectic people.

To activate spirited and stimulating dialogue around Phoenix’s emerging urban culture. To meet others who are making things happen…to connect the dots.

Why Not
Stop complaining and join people who have vision, vitality, and a thirst for what is possible.

What it isn’t
There are no presidents, treasurers, committees or dues. The only costs are the drinks and/or food you consume.

Schedule & Format
RadiatePHX takes place on the last Tuesday of every month, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. The location varies, ranging from restaurants and bars, to unique meeting and work spaces.

Host responsibilities vary upon location.  Those identified as hosts typically provide complimentary beverages and/or snacks for the attendees.  Restaurant and bar owners are asked to provide a Radiate discount and/or featured menu. The number of attendees varies monthly.

RadiatePHX was founded as Ignite Phoenix in September 2007 by Claudia Bullmore of Sky Marketing. Catrina Knoebl, founder of Urban Affair, partnered with her a month later as co-host.

Powered by Urban Affair®
RadiatePHX is plugged into and powered by Urban Affair, a modern media network developed to promote Phoenix’s urban lifestyle by elevating urban ideas and related activities. Radiate events are posted here and promoted on the DPJ Facebook page and on Twitter.