Meet Downtown Phoenix Journal’s intern for the fall 2017 semester!

Devan Sauer

Phoenix, Arizona

Devan Sauer

Devan Sauer. Mural: “Water is Life” by Jeff Slim, Angel Diaz and Averian Chee.

School, Major and Year:
I’m a sophomore at ASU and I am majoring in Journalism and Mass Communication.

Why Did You Choose Your Major?:
Writing has always been a passion of mine, but I haven’t always seen myself as a news writer. I never participated in journalism during high school, so I went into Cronkite with no prior experience. I originally wanted to work for a fashion magazine like Vogue or Cosmo, so I thought journalism would be the perfect major for that career.

What Are Your Professional Goals?:
Although I no longer want to be a fashion journalist, I’m still interested in writing for a magazine of some sort. I would also like to work for Vice because they are my favorite news source and they cover the most interesting, offbeat stories around the world.

Favorite Things to Do When Not Working or In Class?:
In my free time I like to go hiking (when the weather allows it) because I love seeing the views of the city from the top. My favorite hikes are Lookout Mountain and Squaw Peak. I like going to concerts and festivals, and with The Van Buren open, I want to go to as many concerts as I can afford. I also spend a lot of my time in coffee shops doing homework.

Favorite Non-Academic Thing to Read?:
John Green is my all-time favorite author. Some of my favorites by him are “Looking for Alaska” and “The Fault in Our Stars.”

Favorite Thing About Downtown Phoenix?:
I love how much artistic expression is accepted in downtown Phoenix. Artists are allowed to freely express themselves and it results in such beautiful place to live in. I also love the music scene in downtown Phoenix because it has a certain authenticity you can’t find anywhere else in the city. Our smaller venues like Crescent Ballroom or the Valley Bar allow smaller bands and artists to come share their talent with their fans.

Favorite Place to Eat in Central Phoenix?:
Lux has the best mac and cheese I’ve ever had. I’m also a fan of Cornish Pasty; they have amazing food and the restaurant has a great atmosphere.

If You Could Have Dinner With Any Three People (Living or Dead), Who Would You Choose?:
Jake Gyllenhaal, Frida Kahlo, and RuPaul.

Favorite Quote:
“Feet, what do I need them for if I have wings to fly.” – Frida Kahlo

I’m Excited to Intern at DPJ Because:
This internship will be my first real experience in journalism, and I’m looking forward to everything I’m going to learn from this opportunity. I’m also excited to be able to cover and learn more about my hometown.