Name: Kara Roschi

Her Neighborhood: Grand Avenue

Where spotted: Waiting for the Light Rail on her way to work.

Occupation: Co-owner of Practical Art

What’s your favorite thing about Downtown? Everyone always talks about the sprawl here, but I love the density. We have a big movie theater as well as a local indie theater, poetry, bars and shopping. Whatever your bag is, it’s right there.

What are your favorite places Downtown? I’m a big pub fan so I love The Lost Leaf and Angel’s Trumpet. I also really like improv so I go to The Torch Theatre and Space55 a lot.

How do you get involved in the community? I volunteer at the Phoenix Art Museum. I’ll graduate and get to be a docent in May. I would like to get more involved with Critical Mass and Pedal Craft. I love how they combine art culture, city culture and bike culture.

Cycling fashion tip? The weather here can sometimes change a lot through the day so I like to dress in layers.

What’s the bike culture like at Practical Art? We get a lot of cyclists on the weekend on their way to Windsor for brunch. We were the first ones in our little block here to get a bike rack. It’s such a cool piece of art tat a lot of times people don’t know it’s a bike rack, though.

What she’s wearing:

  • T shirt by Dry Desert Design
  • Thrifted jeans and cardigan
  • Chuck Taylor shoes

Biking essentials:

  • Bike: Huffy Dash (Also has a Ross she occasionally rides)
  • Light from Slippery Pig that straps on to easily transfer from bike to bike