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Have a vision for Downtown Phoenix? Want to change the face of our streets? Then come on, leave your mark on our Downtown.

Starting in January 2013, the Downtown Phoenix Partnership will replace over 100 short light pole banners with new designs – and they could be created by you.

Through a banner design competition conducted this fall, one designer will see their vision for Downtown’s streetscape transformed into banners seen by thousands of people per day.

The Partnership is looking for a series of forward thinking, vibrant designs that will enhance and highlight the spirit of Downtown.

“There has been a desire to see color and art in Downtown for a while now and I’d love to see Phoenix residents embrace this opportunity to help shape and develop their Downtown,” Jovanna Perez, special programs manager for the Partnership said.

The contest, which will see a winning design selected by the public through online voting, begins August 17 and will run until November 1, 2012. It is open to all ages and not limited by artistic medium.
The winning designer will receive $500, a solo gallery show of the banners in the Downtown Phoenix Ambassadors Information Center gallery and a full set of banners.

Downtown light pole banners are displayed throughout the 90 square blocks of the Downtown Phoenix Business Improvement District and are used to unify the area, welcome visitors and promote all that Downtown has to offer.

Details on how to apply are available at Submissions must be received by October 1, 2012.

  • Is this going to happen again in 2013?

    • RJ_Price

      Thank you for your interest! The Downtown Phoenix Partnership does not have plans to restart the banner contest this year but when the contest does return information will be shared on our web site and social media streams.