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I believe that the following notice should be served to the tenants of the State Capitol.

Larry Lazarus
Lazarus & Associates
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Phoenix, Arizona 85003
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Eviction Notice

To the Arizona State Legislature:

Whereas the State of Arizona sold the Capitol Building and the new owner leased the building back to the State of Arizona for the intended use of the Arizona State Legislature;

Whereas the tenant (the Arizona State Legislature) has violated the terms, conditions, and good faith intent of that lease;

Therefore, the owner hereby requests that the legislature vacate the premises within 30 days of this notice.

The violations are as follows:

1.       There have been repeated reports of violence on and off the premises; that is, there have been continued evidence of in-fighting, brawling, accusations, consistent discord and total lack of civility among the residents. This has created a situation of present and immediate danger to the citizens of Arizona.

2.       Secondly, it has come to the owners attention that there is an inability of the tenants to create a sustainable economic model for the state which, in turn, affects the tenants own stability leaving the owner with the belief that the tenants will not be a good financial risk for the future.

The owner believes that there is an excellent possibility that the owner and citizens of Arizona could find more suitable tenants for the premises. For these and other reasons, the owner is sending this notice. If, however, the tenants are able to cure these breaches within this legislative session, the tenants may continue to occupy the premises.

Good luck.

It is the owner’s sincere hope that the tenants will work together on legislative issues and, specifically, work diligently to fix the existing economic and financial model that has poorly served the citizens of the State of Arizona.

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